Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My musing on what a Church should look like

I am wanting with my husband to plant a church. I want to make something different than what was around when I was growing up. I want to reach Generations X and millennials. There are things that I felt wasn't working in the church I am in now and even I am not sure we are really serving Christ. I think I don't want a building, I don't want a non-profit status. I want to reach the communities where they are. Somehow I want the church to be mobile and not static. I want us to reach the hurting and do ministries. Do I make since? I'm an old woman and even though I am a Baby Boomer, I never really fit with them. In some ways I feel I can reach the other generations better than my own. I am like an outcast in my generation. I"m looking for answers. Please tell me what you think. 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Who Am I

I'm a tail end baby boomer.  I never really fit in with my generation and so I call myself a person in a baby boomer body with a millennial mind.  I say this because after having read some research by Thom Rainer, it just seemed I think like them.

My goal is to create a different church.  I know, I know, you want to know what I'm talking about.  Will in order to do this I need to say what I found difficult in the churches I have been in and I'm hoping people will comment and give me an idea of what might work better.

I wish there was another way than to be a non-profit organization.  Because when you are a non profit organization you have to have a vestry and they don't always care about the whole church.  And when one is non-profit it seems to me that the ones who can put up the most money get the power and control and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with really wanting to give the world the wonderfulness of Christ.  I mean. whenever anyone tries to build a church that would better reach out to others it is very common for one to say.  "Well I give a lot of money so its my way or the highway."  Never mind that we have gone down to only nine people.

Our church that I am in does not believe in reaching out to the un-churched or doing anything positive in the immediate area of our church.  I don't know.  I just really believe in reaching out to the un-church and caring about people.

The church I am in doesn't like children.  I love children and it seems to me that Jesus said something in the Bible about loving children.

Also it seems that paying priest high amounts of money changes the way it gets run too.  The priest then seems to preach what the wealthiest ones in the church want to hear about.  So if the wealthiest person hates children and reaching out to the community the priest will say how stupid it is to care about children and that reaching out to the community is silly.

Well I am really tired right now so I have said a few things and I'm hoping to get some new solutions to these issues.

I'm honestly thinking right now to make a Bible study that meets in the back part of the near by restaurant and we can all get some coffee and cheese cake and pray, sing hymns, study and like that.

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